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Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada is located in the Federal State of Cearà, in the north-eastern part of Brazil. With more than 320 days of sunshine a year, it is very popular among tourists. The capital of Cearà is Fortaleza. The city has a population of more than 2.5 million inhabitants and around 1 million people visit yearly. Fortaleza’s airport is South America’s closest airport to Europe and is reachable in less than seven hours.

Canoa Quebrada (broken canoe) is 12 kilometres away from the provincial town of Aracati and 165 kilometres southeast of the megacity, Fortaleza. The old fishing village was discovered in the early seventies by the first backpack tourists. Despite the constantly increasing number of visitors, this bustling village has maintained its alternative charm. Besides the kilometre long, fine sand beach, its pulsating night life is also a highlight worth mentioning. On “Broadway”, this is how the shopping and nightlife street is called; one can find various restaurants and bars to enjoy a cosy dinner or a drink after a day at the beach. It is especially during holidays and weekends that large numbers of people visit this location which will be pulsating to the Brazilian rhythm of Forro. On week days the village exudes a pleasant tranquillity. The Reggae Beach Party - with its unique aura that unfolds especially at full moon - is also very famous.
Primarily Canoa Quebrada has made a name for itself with kite and windsurfers. In the never-ending huge bay, wind and water conditions are ideal for these sports. The region around Canoa is one of the absolute top spots worldwide. Besides water sports, the region also offers numerous other alternatives. For example, one can explore the countryside with “Boogies” or on horseback. A round trip on a “Jangada”, the region’s traditional fisher boat, is also often used to this end. The provincial town Aracati, of course, is also worth visiting and the various markets in particular are a worthwhile experience.

The temperature lies between 25°- 33°C the whole year round. In addition to that, a pleasant trade wind blows. Heavy rains increase between February and May. Otherwise it’s all about a sunny, steel blue sky.

Information from A – Z:

Trip from Central Europe to Fortaleza/Canoa Quebrada:

The best way to fly there is with TAP via Lisbon or with Martinair from Amsterdam to Fortaleza (flying time is between 7 to 10 hours, the time difference is between 4 and 5 hours). If required, we organize transport from the Fortaleza International Airport to Canoa Quebrada. Transfer with a private taxi takes just under two hours (approx. 190 Reais). There are also regular buses that commute several times a day. The length of the journey is about 3 ½ hours.

Entry into Brazil

To enter Brazil, European citizens need a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months. Children older than 10 years need an identity card with a photo. Entry cards and stamps are issued at the airport. You should keep your entry card separate from your passport so if you lose your passport, your legal entry can still be verified. A regular tourist visa lasts for 90 days. One can apply for a further maximal 90 days’ resident permit at Federal Police (Policia Federal) office.


In Fortaleza (approx. 2 hours away), health care is comparable to that of Europe. In Aracati there is a general hospital for first aid treatment. We recommend a comprehensive and most importantly, a health insurance coverage valid worldwide and a Repatriation Insurance. Neither Malaria nor yellow fever exists in Fortaleza and Canoa Quebrada so in this regard precaution is not necessary. Check duly with your doctor regarding the usual vaccination protection.


You may as well leave your warm clothes at home. Surfers also make do here without their protective gear. It never really gets cold in Canoa Quebrada. What you should take along is light summer wear, flip-flops and swimming trunks. In the evenings, it is advisable to wear long, light trousers or light long-sleeve tops.

Public transport:

IIn Canoa Quebrada, everything is easily accessible by foot. To be able to get to Aracati, there are numerous minibuses at the entrance to the village that all commute between Aracati and Canoa every few minutes.

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