Casa Melucia

Casa Melucia - Canoa Quebrada - Brasil

Casa Melucia is a two-storey dream house. State of the art architecture, coupled with Brazilian flair, meticulous attention to detail and an elaborate choice of construction material lends this modern, modest villa a distinctive atmosphere.
The house was completed in January 2010 and it is located in Canoa Quebrada, one of the most well-known destinations in north-eastern Brazil. It is only 500 metres from the wonderful, sandy beach and 500 metres away from the village centre, situated on a hilly location and its breathtaking 180° panoramic view of the sea is captivating. You can really enjoy Casa Melucia’s beauty and that of its premises in utmost calm and privacy.

Despite the increase in tourism the former fishing village Canoa Quebrada has maintained its charm and equally attracts domestic and backpack tourists, kite surfers and beach lovers. The 12 kilometre long Canoa Quebrada bay offers everything the heart desires: the hustle and bustle in the “Barracas”, beach bars where fresh fish and drinks are served, the utmost calmness anywhere on the vast, fine sand beach. In the evening, one then gets together on “Broadway”, the car-free main street which runs through Canoa where bars, discos, restaurants and shops are lined up next to each other.
Casa Melucia - Rua Virginia City s/n° - 62800-000 Canoa Quebrada - Map